Ruthie Harper, MD

Integrative Medicine Specialist and Passionate Doctor

ruthie harper with client

Dr. Harper began her career as a Board Certified Internist and shortly thereafter was promoted to Emergency Room Director at Doctor’s Hospital of Jefferson in Louisiana. Here she quickly realized that while traditional medicine provides ways to treat the symptoms of disease, it is not designed to find their underlying cause. She retraced her medical training back to basic biochemistry, understanding that if a person had perfect cellular function, they would be optimally healthy and disease free. This knowledge led Dr. Harper to research and develop scientifically based programs and products that move beyond the temporary fixes that traditional medicine often provides to offer an integrative or functional approach to health. Through this approach, Dr. Harper is able to find and resolve the root cause of your disease and helps you regain your health, energy, and vitality. She has been able to transform both the health and the appearance of thousands of patients worldwide.

Dr. Harper founded Ruthie Harper MD, her internationally recognized practice in Austin, Texas, in 1999. Since that time, she has consulted with more than 10,000 patients and offers the latest services and techniques in health and wellness in the medical division of her practice, as well as non-surgical rejuvenation and skincare in the cosmetic portion of her practice. Her ongoing success serving the health and beauty industries is based primarily on her innovative integration of research, nutritional science, advanced functional testing, and advanced aesthetics.

Dr. Harper provides patients with scientifically developed health protocols that transcend the temporary fixes offered by pharmaceuticals or other traditional medical treatments. Instead she utilizes innovative programs that focus on nutrition, supplements, lifestyle changes, bioidentical hormones, and breakthrough beauty treatments. She is passionate about disease prevention and believes that aging does not need to be associated with disease and degeneration.

Innovative Practitioner

Using science as a foundation, Dr. Harper designs innovative treatment programs for patients seeking to optimize their overall health, beauty, and wellness. She believes that while getting older is desired, the aging process and the degenerative disease processes associated with aging are not inevitable. Her breakthrough treatments for macular degeneration and thyroid conditions have made her a leading expert, frequently speaking at medical conferences across the nation. Her pioneering work also targets disease prevention, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, autoimmune conditions, neurodegenerative diseases, inflammatory conditions, and hormonal imbalances.

Committed Researcher

Dr. Harper’s success is in large part because of her extraordinary efforts to further the science of integrative and functional medicines and non-surgical aesthetic transformations. She was one of the first aesthetic physicians selected to introduce platelet-rich plasma therapy into her aesthetics practice, which has provided extraordinary restorative results in patients everywhere. Her progressive medical care and aesthetic programs have helped her patients achieve optimal health and transformational beauty without surgery.

Most recently, Dr. Harper’s focus is on DNA Single Nucleotide Polymorphism’s (SNP’s) as a means of developing personalized health as well as skin care interventions based on a patient’s unique genetic profile. She has followed the clinical results of thousands of patients now using genetically designed health programs. She has been a research associate at the University of Texas where she researched sub-clinical nutritional deficiencies and antioxidant treatment interventions. She has consulted for SpectraCell Laboratories where she performed research in functional nutrient analysis, and Pulse Health where she developed antioxidant and nutritional formulations.

Change Your Future with Integrative Health

Dr. Harper now opens her practice doors to you. Discover your personal path to total health, wellness and beauty and learn how the science of personalized integrative medicine and customized beauty can help you achieve lasting health and wellness.

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