Fertility Treatments
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A natural approach to fertility through holistic care

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Some of the most important questions a woman will ask when planning to have a baby are, “Am I healthy enough to get pregnant?”, “Am I pregnant this month?” and then upon the birth of her newborn child “Is my baby healthy?”

These questions are linked by the knowledge that fertility is a sign of vitality and a woman’s vitality is directly linked to her ability to get pregnant and to deliver a healthy child.

When a woman is having difficulty getting pregnant, fear, stress, and uncertainty about her health are inevitable and she can begin to wonder if and when she will ever conceive. This uncertainty can often lead her to believe that “something is wrong with her” when many times the right knowledge about her body and health may be the key to getting pregnant and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Our Different Types Of Fertility Treatments

Ruthie Harper MD, specializes in using natural, integrative and holistic fertility treatments in Austin, Texas to help women get pregnant, especially those who are having difficulty achieving or maintaining a pregnancy.

She focuses on diet, lifestyle, mindfulness and stress reduction, and hormonal balance, while teaching women their body’s fertility signs that can be used to determine when conception is most likely to occur.

By understanding how to create a healthy environment for conception, she can help you increase your likelihood of getting pregnant, as well as maintaining optimal health throughout your pregnancy and delivery.

Ruthie Harper, MD is a board certified internist who understands the underlying medical issues that prevent fertility for couples in Austin Texas. She creates personalized programs to rebalance the body and support the likelihood of getting and staying pregnant at all stages of life.

While she understands high-tech medical advances in infertility are at times necessary (ART or Assisted Reproductive Technology), a more individualized integrative program may support the possibility of pregnancy success with or without ART while also improving the health of the woman and her unborn child.

A Natural Approach To Fertility Treatments

Integrative and holistic care towards natural fertility makes sense when high-tech fertility treatments are undesirable based on one’s philosophy of health, or if techniques such as IUI and IVF have been unsuccessful or are simply unaffordable. Often our approach may be chosen just because a woman wants to be her healthy best if and when she gets pregnant.

We look forward to meeting with you, discussing your fertility desires, and helping you become your happy, healthy best through our fertility treatments.

Address Your Fertility With Holistic Care