functional medicine doctor austin tx

What Do Functional Medicine Doctors Do?

In this article we explore the advantages of seeing a functional medicine doctor, like Dr. Ruthie Harper, where patients benefit from whole-person care that focuses on prevention, a personalized approach that treats them as individuals, and safer therapies that minimize potential risks – while treating the root causes of health issues, empowering men and women to take control of their health.

ozempic austin tx

Where To Get Ozempic in Austin, TX

Medications for weight loss can be very effective – but understanding how these weight loss drugs work, taking them properly, and ensuring your safety is essential before you jump on the Ozempic or Wegovy bandwagon. This is where the expertise of an experienced weight loss medical doctor, like Dr. Ruthie Harper becomes extremely important. In this article, she explains what you need to know about taking Ozempic, Wegovy or Semaglutide – and why you should always get it from a doctor you trust.