Want More Energy, B12 Injections or Natural Supplements May Be For You!

B12 plays a major role in converting food to energy, providing a boost for those feeling tired or run down. Additionally, adequate amounts of B12 levels lower homocysteine levels protecting our brain and hearts. Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble nutrient found predominantly in meat. Vegetarians or those eating small amounts of animal based foods may not be getting adequate amounts of B12, leading to a deficiency of this critical nutrient. Signs of B12 deficiency include fatigue and weakness.

It’s always good to boost B12 levels by increasing this nutrient in the foods you eat. However, if you are not a meat lover, taking a natural supplement of this nutrient daily provides an alternative for boosting your levels. Unfortunately, because boosting B12 levels through supplementation relies on good digestion, many people do poorly when taking B12 orally. B12 injections provide a safe and effective alternative. Fortunately for those who require B12 by injection, when part of our medical weight loss program, Dr. Ruthie Harper likes to add other energizing and fat burning nutrients to your B12 injections. These additional nutrients boost B12’s energizing effects and speed weight loss. These injections have become a weekly favorite for many clients in our medical weight loss program as well as our personalized nutrition clients. Get your B12 levels boosted today and feel the energy this critical nutrient can provide.