Your Genes Determine The Skin Care That is Just For You

Nothing is more unique to you than your genetic makeup. Recognizing this, Dr. Harper was the first scientist to develop a genetically based skincare program. Her research in the Human Genome Project led her to develop SKINSHIFT®, a revolutionary personalized skin care program based on genetic testing. With SKINSHIFT, your skin’s genetic predisposition can be identified by an easy-to-use DNA Test Kit that unlocks the key to personalized skin care.  Other programs claim to personalize their skin care based on questionnaires where you are left to categorize your skin as dry, acne-prone, aged or sensitive. The questionnaire provides a single solution based on your answers to their questions. Because the perceptions of your skin will change from day to day, your answers will also change leading to different questionnaire results and confusion about what skin care solution is right for you. Dr. Harper has proven that long term scientific solutions for your skin should be based on your genetic skin type–the information that lies deep within your DNA.

The SKINSHIFT test identifies 5 key categories of skin heath that will affect the health and appearance of your skin. They are:

  • Collagen Formation Factor: how well your skin makes and maintains your collagen.
  • Sun Protection Factor: how well your skin is able to protect against the sun and other environmental insults.
  • Antioxidant Protection Factor: how well your internal antioxidant systems work to keep your skin young and healthy.
  • Inflammation Control Factor: how much inflammation is robbing your skin of its health.
  • Glycation Protection Factor: how well your body processes sugar. If sugar is not processed well it will lead to glycation, a process whereby the skin is caramelized from the inside out, leading to aging and degeneration.

Dr. Harper has used the SKINSHIFT DNA Test Kit with thousands of patients to provide the ultimate in personalized skin care. By creating an objective system for identifying skin characteristics, Dr. Harper has created a transformative experience for her patients and many customers just like you. For testimonials from Dr. Harper’s patients, click here. To order the DNA Test Kit, click here.

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