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“I recommend Dr. Harper to anyone who asks me how I got healthy and lost weight and to date have sent about 10 patients her way.”

I started seeing Dr. Harper in August of 2010, after I was diagnosed with type II diabetes in October of 2009. I was also having a lot of gastrointestinal problems. My family doctor wanted to put me on medication and I wanted to try to control my health through my diet. I saw a dietician with the local diabetic association and followed her program for 3 months with no improvement. I decided to go vegan for 6 months with no improvement. I finally went to see Dr. Harper on a referral from a friend. Following blood work to assess my individual biochemistry, she prescribed a customized nutritional program for me including supplements to support my body. I was able to lower my HgA1C from 6.9 to 6.1 in 3 months. In 6 months I had it down to 5.7, a blood level where I am no longer considered diabetic. I lost 35 pounds in 63 days. This October, 2012 will be two years since I lost the weight and I can proudly say I still weigh the same! My energy is great, no more bowel issues, and all the various symptoms that go with diabetes have resolved.

The difference with Dr. Harper program’s from other doctors or nutritionist is that she creates a scientific roadmap based on her knowledge and laboratory testing. She then creates a program to ensure that everything in your body is working. Once I clearly saw in black and white my deficiencies from my bloodwork, I worked hard to improve them. With the usual struggles of changing my behavior, this objective data from the blood work allowed me to push forward and follow through. It was not just about weight loss, although this was a great side effect- it was about getting healthy again. I recommend Dr. Harper to anyone who asks me how I got healthy and lost weight and to date have sent about 10 patients her way. They have all had similar improvements in their health.

I am no longer diabetic and am on no medication. I feel like I have had a metamorphosis. I am beginning a truly new life and have a plan that works. I feel phenomenal.

TK, age 51

“Dr. Harper’s approach to treating and correcting causes rather than symptoms…has really resonated with me.”

I heard Dr. Harper speak in January 2012 and she seemed to speak my language. I understood her to say that if your blood values were not where they should be, no matter what you do you will not lose weight. She said through her training and clinical experience she knew what to do to help patients lose weight and explained the science of weight loss. I have been extremely physically active all my life exercising most days for about 90 minutes. I could not comprehend why I could not take off the excess 20 pounds that I had been carrying around for about 10 years. Dr. Harper created an eating plan for me with supplements to correct the things in my body that weren’t working. She taught me how to burn fat. I am steadily shedding those extra 20 pounds. My energy level has increased remarkably and my general mental and emotional outlook has also remarkably improved.

I also consulted with Dr. Harper about skin care, which is a personal passion of mine that was passed down from my mother. My mother followed and practiced the teachings of a very famous skin care specialist years ago who promoted the use of natural and safe chemical-free skin care products. The SKINSHIFT DNA test really got my attention. Dr. Harper’s approach to skin care is individualized for each person and their particular challenges. It is not a one size fits all. She is interested in how your skin is doing from both a health and beauty standpoint and truly works and rejoices with you in your transformation. The skin care program and beautiful changes in my skin that I have achieved with Dr. Harper and the SKINSHIFT program has been like receiving a new lease on life for me.

Dr. Harper’s approach to treating and correcting causes rather than symptoms in both weight management and skin care has really resonated with me. It is obvious through my interactions with her, and her striking appearance, that Dr. Harper practices her own recommendations. That makes a difference to those of us who follow her medical advise.

SE age 62

“I am so thankful that I found Dr. Harper and really appreciate her targeted, individual, and personal care.”

When I first came to see Dr. Harper, I was desperate to get help for several health issues that were negatively affecting my quality of life. I didn’t know what to eat and I couldn’t lose weight. “Calories in, calories out” was not working for me. I have several conditions, including diabetes, that are supposedly controllable with diet, but I could not figure out what to eat that wouldn’t flare up one or more of the conditions. I felt extremely tired all the time, lacked energy, had abdominal pain constantly, and my blood sugar was gradually increasing. Taking more pills was not an option that I was willing to consider.

Dr. Harper was able to explain the connections between my conditions, and why the pills and eating plans I had tried didn’t work well. After 3 months on her regimen of diet, supplements, hormone therapy, and exercise, I experienced significant improvement in my energy level; my blood sugar levels dropped considerably; my memory and ability to think clearly improved; and I lost 16 pounds. My health is continuing to improve the longer I am on the personalized plan she has developed for me.

I am so thankful that I found Dr. Harper and really appreciate her targeted, individual, and personal care. I am enjoying my life again.

KT age 59

“I have never been happier than I am now with my skin, and friends and family are actually noticing the difference.”

I have been under the constant care of Dr. Ruthie Harper since 2012. Dr. Harper has the rare combination of a brilliant mind and a good heart. She and her staff genuinely care about and are committed to their patients achieving their best health and well-being. Dr. Harper’s practice is to resolve the health issue by treating the cause, instead of the symptom.

I had been struggling with overweight for about 10 years. With Dr. Harper’s care and guidance, my weight decreased and has stabilized at a normal level for the past 5 years.

I have always been very self-conscious and generally unhappy with my complexion. Now, at 63, with Dr. Harper and her staff’s care and treatment, my skin and complexion have improved dramatically. I even experience others noticing/complimenting my skin/complexion quite often. They also assume my age to be much less.

Dr. Harper’s knowledge, skill and commitment to helping me achieve my best health and appearance cannot be replicated. The care, treatment and guidance I receive from Dr. Harper and her excellent staff continues to improve my health, self-image and self-esteem and, for the past 5 years, I feel like I have truly been given a new lease on life.

Susan E.

“I am extremely happy with the results I have achieved being a patient of Dr. Harper.”

I went in to see Dr. Harper in September 2011. I wasn’t happy with the way I looked and felt. I was 51 and had been premenopausal for years. The joints and muscles all over my body ached most of the time. I was experiencing night sweats and hot flashes during the day. I had begun to feel empty and had lost a lot of passion for anything in my life. I was not overweight but had gained weight over the last few years even though I had exercised regularly. I don’t drink alcohol nor do I smoke. My blood work at my yearly exams was all within “normal” range. I have been on medication for high blood pressure since I was 33 due to heredity. I knew that Dr. Harper was a Nutritional Medicine Physician so I thought that perhaps if I changed my diet I might feel better. I was so right!

After taking a thorough history and sending me for blood work, Dr. Harper met with me and explained what was happening in my body. She personalized a food plan for me according to what my family history and blood work. For example, she suggested I remove wheat from my diet. The blood work showed sensitivity to two of the proteins found in wheat and, to my surprise, neither one was the gluten protein that we hear so much about. She also recommended I take refined sugar out of my diet. She gave me alternative suggestions of things to eat and examples of daily food plans. Dr. Harper then made specific suggestions of supplements to take daily with instructions on how and when to take them. I left our first visit a little overwhelmed but trusted that she really knew what she was talking about and committed to giving her suggestions a try. In just a few weeks I began to feel better. I wasn’t as tired all the time and my body did not ache as much. My General Physician was able to cut my blood pressure medication dose in half!

I then approached Dr. Harper about doing something for my hormone levels. She referred back to my blood work and I began taking bioidentical hormones that she prescribed specifically tailored to my hormone levels. The hot flashes and night sweats were gone and I felt alive again! Additionally, between the new way of eating and the bioidentical hormones I have also lost 9 pounds and have kept it off this entire time.

Upon experiencing such positive results with Dr. Harper and the help of her wonderful and caring staff I furthered my self-care by having Dr. Harper test my DNA and prescribe a daily skin care regimen tailored specifically for me according to my results. I must say, my skin has never been in such good shape and I look years younger.

I am extremely happy with the results I have achieved being a patient of Dr. Harper. I find Dr. Harper to be a brilliant physician and a caring and approachable person. I highly recommend both her and her staff and plan to continue in her care.

CS, Age 52

“I have never been happier than I am now with my skin, and friends and family are actually noticing the difference.”

Let’s face it, our skin is what others see first, and, depending on its condition, it can either build confidence as we interact with others, or make us shy away from situations. In my case I was shying away and lacking confidence. Thankfully, 10 years ago, I found Doreen and have trusted her to care for all my skincare needs over the years. Her many years of experience and training coupled with the state-of-the art equipment in Dr. Harper’s office have made all the difference in the quality of my skin and my confidence level! Doreen seems to intuitively know what my skin needs and pays special attention to deliver a treatment plan that gives such wonderful results. She always takes her time and is careful to focus on the details – I appreciate that so much. I have never been happier than I am now with my skin, and friends and family are actually noticing the difference.

CE Age 60

“I’m so grateful that I found Dr. Harper and her team. They have changed my life.”

Before coming to Dr. Harper’s, I had gone to 7 doctors in one year and was given solutions to my issues that did not work. Dr. Harper listened to what I had to say and made recommendations based on my blood work. Since starting at Dr. Harper’s, I’ve done PRP, hormone treatments, genetic analysis, HCG, and aesthetics with Doreen. I appreciate that I keep up with BW so that I don’t feel like I’m taking supplements unnecessarily and we can keep up with proper dosages of my hormones. Before coming, I was sleeping more than I was awake and now I have the energy to be in nursing school, work as a nanny, workout, and have the energy for an active social life. I’m so grateful that I found Dr. Harper and her team. They have changed my life.

Kendall B. Age 21

“I have lost 10 pounds without really trying, I sleep better than I ever have, I have good energy and an even better attitude!”

I am 57 years old and have always enjoyed excellent health. However, after turning 50 things started to change and everything that worked for me before no longer had the same results. After trying unsuccessfully for years, many more years than I’d like to admit, to figure out on my own what was going on with my health and why I couldn’t lose weight, sleep well or feel energetic, I met with Ruthie Harper and did exactly what she said to do. It was painless and pleasant and after a short time I am back at the top of my game, again!

I have lost 10 pounds without really trying, I sleep better than I ever have, I have good energy and an even better attitude! Dr. Harper is passionate about helping women understand and maximize their health, and to feel vibrant and happy. She and her staff place nothing above their client’s complete satisfaction; they are consummate and caring professionals. I highly recommend Dr. Harper to anyone seeking optimal health.

Lizz G

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