Dr. Harper’s SKINSHIFT: Personalized Skin Care

Ruthie Harper, MD has been nationally recognized for her extraordinary accomplishments in the areas of nutritional medicine, non-surgical aesthetic transformation and genetically based skin care. Dr. Harper’s extensive, multi-disciplinary expertise has led her to create SKINSHIFT®, a DNA-based program designed to individualize each person’s skin care regimen based on his or her unique genetic profile.

Using DNA to Take The Guesswork Out of Skin Care

SKINSHIFT represents an unprecedented approach to skin care. Until now, skin care products have only addressed skin issues in a general way. Dr. Harper uses an innovative DNA analysis, first to identify your skin’s genetic strengths and weaknesses, then to customize your skin care program based on your genetic predispositions. Although you can’t change your genetics, science now has proven you can dramatically change how your genes affect your skin. With SKINSHIFT, science, not guesswork, provides patients a clear choice as to which skin care products and supplements are just right for them.

Three Simple Steps to a Customized Skin Care Program

I had acne that I unfortunately inherited from my mom. I started a simple SKINSHIFT program and it has cleared up my skin significantly. I love how simple and easy it is.

– D. K., age 17

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What I liked most about SKINSHIFT was the fact that nutrition and skin care are one—it includes an inside out approach with skin care supplements as well as an outside in approach with great skin care.  After using the SKINSHIFT product line, my skin looks and feels like silk.  With my customized serums I’m seeing reduced wrinkles and fine lines, especially around my mouth, which was my biggest area of concern.  I look so much better, so much younger, and I’m actually getting compliments on my skin on a regular basis!  Thank you SKINSHIFT!

– M. S., Age 62, SKINSHIFT Believer

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