Building a Road Map to Health & Wellness

When a patient’s blood test results are reviewed, typically there is only concern when a particular result is outside of the “normal” laboratory reference range. The problem with interpreting blood work in this way is that “normal” reference ranges usually represent “average populations” with “average health”, rather than the optimal levels required to maintain optimal health. How the body functions will be significantly different with laboratory values at the lower end of the reference range compared to the upper end of this same reference range. Dr. Ruthie Harper and her staff evaluate and assess the results of every laboratory test and determine what is optimal in order to create a personalized wellness plan specific to your needs. We are concerned with your individual well being and want to get you on the road to optimal health.

Laboratory testing is a critical part of any personalized integrative health program. Laboratory data provides objective information showing how the body is performing at any given point in time. It allows a physician to specifically target and address biochemical pathways and areas of cellular function that are not functioning optimally. Getting the body working efficiently and effectively as a whole is the key to achieving personalized optimal health. When combined with an experienced practitioner, laboratory testing provides an invaluable resource to the patient.

To view our laboratory tests and the explanation of each, please view the following:


Dr. Harper’s approach to treating and correcting causes rather than symptoms in both weight management and skin care has really resonated with me.   It is obvious through my interactions with her, and her striking appearance, that Dr. Harper practices her own recommendations. That makes a difference to those of us who follow her medical advice.

– S.E., Age 62

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