Ruthie Harper, MD in the Media / Lectures

Public Lectures and Education

Learn more about how fasting can help your health and the science behind it

Dr. Harper gives the tips on how to get a lean, fit body in 30 minutes

Watch Dr. Harper discuss how weight loss today is not simply about counting calories or following a diet

Dr. Harper explains the critical role the thyroid plays in optimal health

Dr. Harper discusses the importance of testosterone in women

Dr. Harper explains why you’re finding that weight loss is more difficult the older you get and what you can do about it

Dr. Harper talks about the different methods of hormone delivery to help you make an informed choice about what’s right for you

Watch Dr. Harper discuss the benefits of hormone replacement therapy

Television Appearances

Dr. Harper talks about SKINSHIFT on the CBS show The Doctors

Dr. Harper on KXAN, Austin, TX discussing breast cancer risk

Dr. Harper and SKINSHIFT featured on Good Morning America

See SKINSHIFT featured on Holly Scoop

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