What You Need to Know

Your Hair Makes You “YOU”

Long, short, bouncy, shiny — hair is an expression of style and personality for women. Your hair and self-image are closely related. And just like an occasional “bad hair day” can make you feel bad, hair loss is a distressing sign that can turn a bad hair day into a crisis. At Ruthie Harper MD- we are experienced in addressing the many causes of hair loss in women and are committed to creating a program that will restore a healthy, beautiful head of hair for you.

Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss has been a common problem in men for many years. However, research now shows that women are more likely than men to have significant hair loss at some point during their lifetime- affecting both their self image and emotional well being. With more than 50% of women reporting significant hair loss or thinning – a comprehensive approach to female hair loss is critical. And while men take an aggressive approach to solving hair loss problems, every women experiencing hair loss will tell you “this is a devastating emergency”. Unlike hair loss in men- that is usually hormonally mediated- hair loss in women occurs for a multitude of reasons, making its solution sometimes hard to find.

For this reason, a comprehensive approach to hair loss becomes essential to both stopping healthy hair from being lost as well as to help women regain the full healthy head of hair they once had. Ruthie Harper MD has been helping women to resolve their hair loss problems since 2000. She takes a thorough approach to finding and resolving the underlying causes of hair loss.

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