Get Lean and Win Free Products and Services

We are inviting you to become part of our 2013 New Year Challenge to become the Leanest Medical Practice in Austin. The challenge is a 28 day program to motivate you toward becoming your leanest, healthiest and happiest self. It is an opportunity to jump start your health and move you towards being your personal best in 2013.

The challenge itself lasts 28 days and may be started at any time in the month of January. The goal of Nutritional Medicine Associates is to have the leanest and healthiest patients, and we will reward you to lose weight!

The challenge will measure your percentage of body fat loss. The top five patients with the highest percentage of body fat loss as measure with our BIA technology will receive their choice of:

  1. 15% off all supplements for 2013 (products must be purchased after March 1 when the challenge winners are determined. No minimum purchase required)


  1. 15% off all nutritional medicine office visits for 2013 (visits must take place after March 1 when the challenge winners are determined.)

The top male and female, with the highest percentage of body fat loss, will receive 4 complimentary Endymed treatments for one area of body tightening and smoothing (see the attached beauty article to learn about Endymed) in addition to their percentage off on visits or supplements. Endymed is the latest breakthrough in body sculpting and represents a breakthrough in pain-free, non-surgical body sculpting and will help you shape and tighten your new, lean body and reduce sagging and cellulite.

Of course, there is nothing more valuable than how great you will both feel and look after the Leanest Practice Challenge. After 28 days, you will be significantly lighter and feel amazing!

Additionally, to help you maintain your lean figure throughout 2013, Nutritional Medicine Associates will give you a $25 gift certificate to spend at NMA, for each month you visit our office and are within 3lbs of your lowest “Lean Challenge” weight.

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