We use data obtained from 23andme genetics services to produce three personalized reports for our clients:Web

SKINSHIFT Report – The SKINSHIFT report analyzes your skin’s potential strengths
and weaknesses in 5 key categories of skin health, allowing us to create a personalized skin care program that recommends products to maximize the health and beauty of your skin and prevent the visible signs of aging.  Click here to see an example report.

Health Report –Your health report provides information to help you assess genetic factors influencing the propensity for disease and allows you to make more informed decisions about diet, lifestyle and supplementation affecting all aspects of health and aging. Because this report assesses and makes health recommendations, people ordering this report must live in Texas and become patients of Dr. Harper’s.  Click here to see an example report.

skinnyDNA Report - A personalized weight loss report that helps you lose weight and keep it off by identifying foods and forms of exercise that complement your genetic makeup. This report will help you lose weight, feel energized, eliminate cravings and food sensitivities and balance your blood chemistries to achieve your ideal body.  Click here to see an example report.

What better way to discover your genetic history through 23andme and gain access to information to help you make informed decisions to reach your goals for optimal health, fitness, and beauty.

Order your reports below, or call our office at 512.343.9355.

  1. I don’t have my 23andme DNA results and want to order a kit and one or more genetic reports.
  2. I already have my 23andme DNA results and want to order one or more genetic reports.

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