Learn More about Dr. Ruthie Harper’s Practice

What makes a practice lead the way in excellent care and products are quality professionals. Using science as a foundation, Dr. Harper designs innovative treatment programs for patients seeking to optimize their overall health, beauty, and wellness. Dr. Harper’s team of professionals at Nutritional Medicine Associates are exceptionally trained and proven to be the best in the industry. With skilled knowledge and a caring approach, our team serve patients with the finest integrated health treatment. Patients not only see great results, but appreciate our quality experience and well-rounded approach.

Our Integrated Wellness Approach

Your health is a reflection of your internal cellular function, which leads to external wellness and quality of life. Dr. Ruthie Harper’s success is in large part because of her extraordinary efforts to further the science of integrative health and non-surgical aesthetic transformations. Dr. Harper’s practice will introduce you to a new way of thinking that will not only transform your body, but will redefine what optimal health really is. Discover your personal path to total health, wellness and beauty and learn how the science of personalized integrative medicine and customized beauty can help you achieve lasting health and wellness.

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